Our Privacy Policy


This document dictates what data we store about you, why we collect it and when we use.

By continuing to use our websites and applications, you agree for us to use your data in the ways described below.


From time to time, we will update this document so please check back often to stay up to date with how we store and use your data.

Keeping your data secure:

We understand that the best way for us to keep your data secure is for us to collect as little data as we can so where appropriate we will minimise how much data we collect about you. On top of this, where possible and appropriate we will attempt to encrypt your data at rest and in transit so it cannot be accessed by unauthorised parties. We will also attempt to use access control to prevent unauthorised access.

Data we collect and use:

Where required, your data may be shared with relevant authorities so we can meet our legal obligations.

Rights for EU users:

Users based in the European Union have the following rights.

If you are a user based in the EU, please reach out via email to exercise your rights.